Travelling in Europe - Lake Geneva, Switzerland

This is something I’ve wanted to share, travelling on my motorcycle through Europe last summer.

I’m new to blogging so bear with me :).

The Shot:

I took this photo last August in Montreux, Switzerland on the coast of Lake Geneva using my Sony A7ii and a zeiss lense.

I had set off from St Louis in France on my motorcycle that morning and by lunch time I was here. It was truly an inspiring spot.  Mountains and glass like water. A hot sun(i think around 30 degrees) beaming down on a hazy humid day. The scene was dreamlike it looked as if the water was blending in with the sky.

The road travelling south into Montreaux reveals one of the most stunning views I have witnessed, Its a shame I couldn’t stop as was a motorway road! The road comes over a hill and you just descend into what is a ginormous valley revealing the lake in all its glory.

After riding through the town I stopped for a break. I walked down to the coast with my camera and was just watching this man fishing, I found it extremely relaxing. Thinking back in this cold winter I wish i was there back in that moment.

I was in Montreux for a few hours before I had to head off again as my trusty Airbnb was booked further into the country in a city called Sierre.

I absolutely love this photo and I hope you will too. I have a whole bunch of photos from this trip and I’ve got say it has to be the most stunning place I’ve ever been to.

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Richard Carroll

Lake Geneva Switzerland